Multi-Scenario Simulations of Future Forest Cover Changes Influenced by Socio-Economic Development: A Case Study in the Chiang Mai-Lamphun Basin

Rachata Arunsurat, Prasit Wangpakapattanawong, Alice Sharp, and Watit Khokthong
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.1 851 Views

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Predicting Spatial Land Use and Land Cover Change Using an Integrated Mathematical Model in the Khlong Nam Lai Watershed, Kamphaeng Phet Province, Thailand

Banchongsak Faksomboon
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.2 611 Views

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Landscape-geochemical Differentiation of the Yertis River Basin within the East Kazakhstan

M.M. Ulykpanova, Zh.O. Ozgeldinova, Zh.T. Mukayev, A.A. Zhanguzhina, and K.M.Assylbekov
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.3 541 Views

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The Utilization of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the Suitability of Agro-tourism Land

Sukri Nyompa, Rosmini Maru, Wahyuddin, and Gufran Darma
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.4 616 Views

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Optimizing Public Fund to Finance Smallholder Plantations for Sustainable Palm Oil in Indonesia

Ekayana Dewa, Supriatna Jatna, and Utomo Suyud
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.5 540 Views

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Analysis of Community Adaptation to Climate Change and Natural Hazards

Aini Nur Furoida, Indah Susilowati, Ana Carolina Esteves Dias, Cici Sundari, Hapsari Ayu Kusumawardhani, and Made Ika Prastyadewi
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.6 796 Views

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Playground Soil Contamination with Heavy Metals and Associated Health Risks of Children in Schools Located in the Sunyani-East Municipality of Ghana

Emmanuel Tetteh Doku, George Adjei-Hinneh, and Aning Justice
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.7 512 Views

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Effects of Sodium Phytate on the Phytotoxicity and Arsenic (V) Absorption Performances of Water Hyacinth Grown in the Synthetic Wastewater as Acid Mine Drainage from Gold Mining

Wannipa Guayjarernpanishk and Pantawat Sampanpanish
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.8 497 Views

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Hazard Analysis of Environmental Incidents in Coastal Areas: A Case Study in the Southeastern Coastal Region of Vietnam

Cuong Le Tan, Phuoc Nguyen Van, Quan Nguyen Hong, Huyen Do Thi Thu, and Loan Tran Thi Diem
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.9 528 Views

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Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Particulate Matter (PM10) in Urban-Industrial Environment during Episodic Haze Events in Malaysia

Izzati Amani Mohd Jafri, Norazian Mohamed Noor, Nur Alis Addiena A Rahim, Ahmad Zia Ul-Saufie, Zulkarnain Hassan, and Gy├Ârgy Deak
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.10 531 Views

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Factors Influencing Safe Managed Decentralized Wastewater in Citarum Watershed

Elis Hastuti, Benny Joy, Unang Supratman, and R Pamekas
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.11 514 Views

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Ethidium Bromide Waste Treatment with Activated Charcoal

Siska Novania, Adhana Riyadani Putri Widagdo, Dita Meilia Prihatiningrum, Shifa Fauziyah, and Teguh Hari Sucipto
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.12 514 Views

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Experimental Investigation of Hot Alkaline Treatment on Strength Characteristics of Cantala Fiber Reinforced Composites and Microcrystalline Cellulose

Sakuri Sakuri, T.D. Susanto, Bambang Sugiantoro, and M.Agus Shidiq
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.13 634 Views

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Ameliorative and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Thuja occidentalis in Phenytoin-Induced Hepatic and Renal Dysfunctions in Male Albino Rats

Abdel-Aziz A. A. El-Sayed
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.14 467 Views

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Factors Related to Club Cell Protein 16 (CC16) and Quality of Life in Northern Thailand

Sawitree Nangola, Sakesun Thongtip, Somphot Saoin, Chiraphat Kloypan, Sittichai Pimonsree, and Kraichat Tantrakarnapa
DOI 10.14456/ea.2023.15 742 Views

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